Pacifico is not a band. It's an Idea.

Despite first impressions, Pacifico is not a band.

At its most tangible, Pacifico exists in the world as an audible collage; a musical patchwork slowly pieced together by a revolving door of both established and roaming musicians, each adding a unique, artistic inch to the project at hand. But if you didn't know any of that, you might label it as the surprisingly well-rounded solo project of one musician: a guy named Matthew Schwartz.

This year ushers in a new, almost post-modern era of Pacifico. Without Heroes is Pacifico's first entirely self-funded album, an effort that took Schwartz -- as well as a ridiculous number of musical friends and collaborators -- all of three years, four states, and five recording studios to patch together. Slated for a June 18 digital release with a limited vinyl pressing, Without Heroes is a concept album that guides us through an inspiring, yet occasionally heartbreaking tour of Schwartz's personal hall of heroes. The songs celebrate real people in Schwartz's life: the family and friends who, according to him, are responsible for every bit of music he's ever created.

Perhaps in that way, the album serves to quietly underline the inclusive core at the heart of the Pacifico idea: it's not just about Matthew Schwartz. The real weight of it lies in the awe-stricken, unashamed joy of sharing credit -- and Without Heroes, as well as Pacifico's long history in general, is Schwartz's confession to the world that he couldn't have gotten here without them. Moreover, it serves as proof that together, we are exponentially greater than the sum of all our solitary parts will ever be…especially when we all aim for the same target.