An honest Introduction

Hey I wanted to take a moment to be real and honest about who I am, what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and where you fit in.

First off if you want the short answer: I am not asking for money, I’m not asking for handouts, I don’t want you to help me realize my dream. I am just looking for people that believe in me, people who like the art i create and/or people who even just believe in quality independent art to preorder my new album and get some pretty awesome stuff in return. And if you really like it to share with your friends, followers, and family.

For people that want more: Making this crowdfunding campaign was really a hard decision for me to make. I tried in 2010 to do a kickstarter for my last album Without Heroes and it did not go well. At the time I did not know how to market myself, not many people, including myself, knew or understood what a crowdsourcing campaign is (some still don’t) and I even received some very mean emails at the time too (I’ve gotten some this time too). I didn’t reach my goal, my heart was wrecked and I gave up. I quit music for a while and did some soul searching. Which is why it took 3 years for “Without Heroes” to come out.

I have always had a tumultuous relationship with music. Unlike some, music is not something I chose. I don’t write songs cause I want to, and I don’t release it for my ego. It’s actually quite the opposite. I wouldn’t even say I write anything. I believe Bob Dylan said it best when he said something like “I’m just a satellite receiving messages”. I too am just a mouthpiece for someone/something bigger. Music comes to me and rather than writing it, I chase it trying to find out what it’s supposed to be. The reason I release it is because I believe it was given to me to share and can’t be made only for my enjoyment.

I am not trying to “Make it” any more. I have a full-time job as the general manager of a successful Crepe restaurant and I love it. Truth be told, there isn’t even any “making it” anymore anyways (that’s another conversation) I believe just like with the resurgence of supporting local businesses and such we need to take the stigma off independent artists and start to support them. I know too many AMAZING visual and musical artists that you’ve never heard of that make just as good if not better art than their famous contemporaries. I have had my brushes with fame and I am more than happy with where it’s taken me and what I’ve accomplished. I honestly have done everything musically I have ever wanted to do. I wouldn’t have met the love of my life, be the man I am, or create the music I have otherwise. I am very grateful for that.

Finding a healthy place for music was hard. Shifting my focus from writing, recording, and touring to my responsibilities and putting music in a healthier spot was difficult to say the least. I had to take a year off, a year away, facing my demons and I came out stronger for it. I now work hard and put everything else I can into the art I have been given, knowing that if one person can connect to a song I’ve done then that’s what I was created for.

So why is a 38 year old man still doing music with his “little band”? Why am I still recording and releasing music? Why did I make a indiegogo?
I’m a professional musician. I spend about 300 days of my year recording, writing, performing my music, and helping others with theirs too.

I think crowdsourcing is a necessary evil. With labels not able to accommodate artists, it’s practically the only way to make music nowadays, it’s basically the new pre-order platform. I believe in supporting beauty, especially in a world without much beauty left. 
I know there are still people who care about quality independent music

Your money won’t be just going into my “pockets” nor is this a “handout”. If you preorder you will get more than your money's worth as well. Including such awesome things like:

A digital version of Everest, a vinyl of Everest, a special edition songbook with lyrics and artwork (only available during the Indiegogo campaign), T-shirts, Stickers, a Pacifico tumbler, a Pacifico Koozie, a day of rock climbing with Uptown Climbing, Test Pressings, tickets to our shows on our US tour, every one of our previous albums, a private concert, your very own puppet by Beyond The Garage the very company that did the puppets and the video for “I’ve Finally Found What I’m Looking for”, I’ll cover any song you choose, I’ll produce a song for you, or perform a private concert.

To pre-order your copy of “Everest” and support independent music go here: