Have you read what the internet has to say about our newest album?

"One of 2017's musical gems" - talknerdytome.com

And here are some more awesome quotes about Everest:

Everest is a journey, exploring life, love, loss, and everything that makes us human, and you’re in for a damn good ride
— idobi.com
Everest is the amalgam of synth pop and garage rock
— wordkrapht.com
An honest expression of Matthew’s raw self
— music.allaccess.com
Listening to the supernatural synth-filled indie rock that powers Everest, we’re about 98% convinced that Pacifico’s Matthew Schwartz is a singer-songwriter by day, space traveler by night
— idobi.com
Pacifico serves up a complex and engaging body of personal work and collaboration
— talknerdytome.com
Everest is a labor of love, which is something we’ve all heard before but honestly when did that turn into a bad thing? More love equals more passion, talent and creativity.
— wordkrapht.com